Karma Hall, P.A. is a Miami based Florida law firm with an emphasis in insurance law, civil litigation, and commercial litigation. Karma Hall  P.A. was founded in 2016 with the goal of providing services to insureds throughout Florida in insurance related disputes, including breach  of contract lawsuits, actions seeking declaratory relief, bad faith lawsuits, and pre-litigation claims assistance.  

Karma Hall has personally served the insurance industry for over a decade, and has handled a broad spectrum of  litigation  cases, including everything from simple claims involving residential policies through multi-million dollar condominium and  commercial  claims. This history has given the firm a depth of knowledge and unique perspective of the legal issues involved in  insurance contract  disputes. In addition to providing legal assistance to the insured, Karma Hall is equally well prepared to assist  public adjusters and  emergency remediation providers in understanding policy language and in determining when a lawsuit is  appropriate.

Karma has rendered insurance opinion letters, both bad faith and coverage opinion, on sinkhole claims, Chinese drywall, and  under-slab pipe leaks, among others. Karma knows -and has been involved at times in making- the law that applies to insurance  related  litigation, including a party's right to an evidentiary hearing prior to proceeding to appraisal.

Karma recognizes that when catastrophe strikes, an insurance claim can be a difficult and lengthy process. Karma's goal  to to assist the insured in recovering what is rightfully owed.