Hurricanes Matthew, Hermine, and now IRMA!

Hermine was the first Hurricane to hit Florida in 11 years. Only a month later, Hurricane Matthew battered Florida's east coast with powerful winds,  storm surges, torrential rain, and caused nearly 1 million to be without power. Fast foward a year, and Florida gets hit by Hurricane Irma with a current projected damage estimate in the $10 billion to $60 billion range.

If your property was damaged, be cautious. BEWARE OF OUT OF TOWN "STORM CHASERS". Make sure the roofing or construction company you deal with is LICENSED and INSURED. A good public adjuster can  be of great assistance, but don't hire just anyone! If you need assistance, call today. 

Don't Risk Having Your Claim DENIED!

Most Policies require you to meet certain "post-loss conditions" before coverage can be determined. Have you read your Policy? Do you know what those contractual conditions are? Call now for assistance. 

You may think you know your deductible, but you might be wrong! Many Policies have a different deductible that applies when under a Governor declared state of emergency. 

If you need assistance in understanding your insurance policy, call now. 

What about Deductibles?

Flood,  Wind, or BOTH?

Many homeowners have separate Policies that apply for flood damage versus wind damage, but what if your property was damaged by BOTH? Even worse, what happens when your flood carrier denies your claim by saying "it's wind damage," and then your wind carrier denies your claim by saying "it's flood damage?" 

Karma Hall has the experience and knowledge to handle this exact scenario. Don't handle your insurance claim alone! Call today for a free consulation.